Why have a website?

"Businesses always managed to survive before the internet came along - why do I need a website now?"

On this page you will read about some of the excellent benefits that having your own website can bring. It has been written primarily for the benefit of small business owners, but many of the points shown here will apply to other types of organisation.

In addition to small businesses, other organisations that may benefit from a web presence include clubs, societies, charities, support groups, and community centres to name just a few!

Some good reasons to get online

Do you need convincing that having a website can be a real benefit to your business? Please consider these points

business woman
  • Websites are a permanent advertisement for your business
  • Magazine advertisements are only in the public view for a short period of time, then are discarded
  • Full colour illustrations & photographs of your products/services cost far less to publish online than in magazines
  • Your services will be publicised to a wide variety of potential clients, both locally and internationally
  • Your competitors may well be online already, and are attracting business that could easily have been yours
  • Include your web address on business cards, the site will act as an online catalogue of your services
  • Changes can be made instantaneously to your site, reflecting changing market conditions and seasonal influences, such as Christmas
These are just a few good reasons to consider having your own website built. Once you have your site, it can then be used to further promote your business across the internet. There are numerous specialist directories on the web. Each contains information about companies relevant to that subject, with links out to these companies' own websites. Gain further awareness for your business by submitting details of your site to these directories, many are free!

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